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This used to be the Line Around the World and this segment stops in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. It's was an effort to get people all around this beautiful planet of ours to be linked to each other. Click on the leftmost arrow to see 2 human units before me in the Line. The other 3 arrows... Well, you can deduce where they point to.
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In 1977, this strange and intriguing graffitti started to appear here and there on the walls of Ipanema, in Rio de Janeiro. As time passed, a group of 25 individuals was formed to spread this mysterious message around the world. From Rio it went to North America and Europe. Some people believe it was inspired upon the Giabra abissal creature depicted in National Kid japanese TV series, from the 60's. But until today, its meaning and purpose are still a mystery.

(No mystery anymore!)

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